FIESTA MILNE BAY is a Contemporary Art Festival showcasing live music, art, dance, SME. The inaugural FIESTA MILNE BAY will be held in Alotau, Milne Bay Province from Friday 17th - Sunday 19th December 2021

The objective of the FIESTA MILNE BAY is to establish in ALOTAU an annual contemporary art festival that:

1. CREATES a platform for self-expression and show-casing of performance artists in the fields of music, art, dance and food and other fields.

2. NURTURES the potential of youth in arts by involving children, youth and schools,

3. FOSTERS collaboration and exchange of skills and knowledge between professional, and amateur performing artists locally and abroad

4. UNIFIES the existing diverse multi-cultural communities in Milne Bay through involvement of these international communities,

5. ENGAGES through parnership collaborations, the SME and tourism sectors

6. PROMOTES Alotau as a hub for contemporary art in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific